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Videos & Channels

There are so many videos on the social media platforms, it is difficult to know what is what.

Nevertheless, there are some videos that I have some direct connection with, so I trust what it shows in there. There's also some videos made by myself, trying my best to give an honest view of what is going on. So, if you trust me and my approach to the Inner Path, you can check these videos, that are aligned with trustworthy sources (can never be 100% sure, so do your own check)

Taiji Seminar in Girona - March 2023

Explaining one of the extra Pushing Hands exercise from our school. A very useful way to develop sensitive internal elastic stability

Check the GbTaiji YT Channel for more similar videos

The Sources

M. Huang Xing Xian & Patrick Kelly

On a demo from the 80's, Patrick doing his best at the time to not get connected and bounced away by Master Huang Xing Xian. A difficult task with a Taiji teacher of such level.

Check the 9clouds YT Channel for more similar videos

Patrick Kelly Tui Shou demo with GB

Pushing Hands demo at 9 Clouds Shanghai, on 2016

A display of the 8 Fix Pattern Pushing Hands,

with a powerful final issue of 'Taiji Elastic Force'

Check the GbTaiji YT Channel for more similar videos

Patrick Kelly Interview

Taiji friend from Chicago Mia Park interviews Patrick Kelly, discussing the Taiji Path as a spiritual journey.

You can also find the interview from 2022 on 9clouds channel listed above.

Taiji in Chicago YT channel

The Gs Hut

A space for creativity, healing arts, resilience skills, Taiji, Holidays with meaning, sun & sea.

A place to reflect about the meaning of life and find your life purpose

The Gs Hut YT Channel

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