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About Taiji

A short explanation of an expanding process

Above the Clouds

'Traditionally Taiji has three reasons for being: as a physical exercise that goes beyond the development of speed, strength and endurance; as a martial art where yielding is the central principle and offensive force is returned to the offender; as a system of psychological and spiritual development which centres on the concepts of naturalness, balance and passing beyond all concepts. Utilising the refining of the Body, the Energy (Qi) and the Mind (Yi/Xin), Taiji leads people from the everyday state to a position of inner power, inner calmness and inner understanding.'

 Infinite Dao, by Patrick Kelly (extract from chapter 1)

Taiji (aka Taichi)

On it's initial state, the ancient Art of Taiji (Taichi) will focus on developing a more relaxed and coordinated body, whilst improving your overall health condition through the increased flow of oxygen and energy circulation.

Smooth continuous movements, coordinated with the breathing, will calm the emotions.

Deep awareness of the changes taking place inside the Body will bring the Mind into a focused deep state.

As this initial enhanced state gradually crystallizes, Taiji and Meditation will gradually bring a stronger Body-Mind connection. That means, a process of self-knowledge and self-improvement starts taking place,

both inside and outside of yourself.

This is what we call The Inner Path, a well posted road towards your true self.

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