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Taichi Form GB Taiji Koh Chang

Guillem Bernadó Gil de Bernabé
(GB Taiji founder)

My Taiji and Life path (a long story short)

As a kid with a quite strong pull for the spiritual world, I struggled to balance that with daily life until Taiji stomped into my life. Although my first contact with Internal Arts was as a teenager, the idea that Taiji & Daoist Arts were the Path to follow only became obvious as I turned 25. After some exciting years of a Taiji journey discovery, I finally met a teacher that could transmit all the aspects of the Art of Taiji, Patrick Kelly. I have been following his deep teachings since 2005. I have also been transmitting those teachings at my best ability in my school in Girona (Spain), and at Patrick's school in Shanghai (9clouds) since 2014. On 2020 I also started an online platform to support the Taiji teachings (TaijiStream). After 7 years in China, and completing my 7th cycle of 7 years of life, it is time to take the next step into new and exciting life projects. So in 2023 I am moving to Koh Chang .Thailand, where with my partner we aim to create The ThaiG Hub, a place where teachers and practitioners of our lineage can come and offer their courses and seminars in a beautiful warm environment. Meanwhile, I will also be offering Taiji Seminars in Girona, Chicago, Boston and Thailand. The aim is to help other like -minded individuals, like you, to find their Inner Path through Taiji & Daoist Practices.

Nice to meet you in the Path! 

Gar Yea Cheung
(GB Taiji essential support)

Her Taiji and Life path (a shorter story short)

With long interest on spirituality and healing arts, she has been practicing Taiji since 2015, and suporting the GB Taiji project mostly since that time. She is glad to help and assist on the classes and seminars in Koh Chang, as well as on the overseas trainings whenever is possible.

Taichi Gar Gb Taiji Koh Chang


We practice:

  • 5 Loosening Exercises of M. Huang Xing Xian

  • Taiji Short Form of G.M. Cheng Man Qing

  • Taiji Long Form of G.M. Yang Cheng Fu

  • Taiji Fast Form M. Huang Xing Xian

  • Basic Fix Patterns of Pushing Hands

  • Moving Patterns of Pushing Hands

  • Meditation

We train:​

  • Yang Style issuing transverse wave

  • Wu Style borrowing pressure wave

  • Chen Style spiral twisting wave

We follow:​

  • Philosophical Sphere: receive - respond - harmonise

  • Mental Sphere: intention - awareness - intelligence

  • Emotional Sphere: give - receive - share

  • Energy Sphere: etheric - astral - celestial

  • Physical Sphere: yield - neutralise - issue

  • Life Sphere: struggle - accept - understand

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