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Our Taiji and Life purpose

We aim to offer you the Path of Internal training for Body and Mind as has been taught in Europe and Asia by our teacher Patrick Kelly for over 40 years.

This is a Path of Inner knowledge and Self-development, a way to enhance the natural Body skills of External Softness and Inner Strength, benefiting your health and developing useful martial arts qualities for daily life. 

We teach a step by step method to connect and evolve the Jing-Qi-Shen (Body-Energy-Mind), the traditional Daoist system with a modern approach. 

We are based in Koh Chang (Thailand), but we also offer Taiji Seminars and Workshops in Chicago, Boston and Girona. 

Taichi Chicago Boston GB Taiji
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Taichi Girona GB Taiji


20-21-22 of September

  • Regular daily classes (for locals or long-term visitors)

  • 7 Days Seminars with GB

  • Workshops with international teachers

  • 3-5 days seminars

Preparing schedule for 2024

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